Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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Current Location:

Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Education: Glass Education

Kari Minnick, “Kilnforming with Powder”, Silver Springs, MD, March 2015.

Bob Leatherbarrow, “Powder (Colour, Components, and Crackle!)”, Salt Spring Island, BC, August 2013.

Pilchuck Glass School, “Professional Artist in Residence”, Stanwood, WA, August 2010.

Pilchuck Glass School, “Professional Artist in Residence”, Stanwood, WA, June 2009.

BeCon 2009, “Kilncasting: Filling the Void”, Portland, OR, June 2009.

“Translation” workshop at the Bullseye Glass Factory Resource Center with Jessica Loughlin, Portland, OR, June 2008.

Glass Art Society Conference, “Forming Frontiers”, Portland, OR, June 2008.

BECon 2005: “Bullseye’s Second Kiln-Glass Conference”, Portland, OR, July 2005.

“One Piece, Two Components, Three Colors” and “Developing a Direction”; Two workshops with Steve Klein, Vitrum Studio, Maryland, November, 2004.

BECon 2003; “Bullesye’s First Kiln-Glass Conference”, A conference for educators involved with the art and craft of kilnformed glass. Portland, OR, August 2003.

“Coldworking: the Basics”, Mel George & Jeremy Lepisto, Ramp Studio, Portland, OR, July 2003.

“Advanced Kilnformed Techniques”, Brock Craig and Avery Anderson, Doug Randall. Total Con-Fusion Studio, Mesa, AZ, February 2003.

“Mold Making for Kilnformed Glass”, Bob Leatherbarrow, Bullseye Connection, Portland, OR, October 2002.

“Comprehensive Kilnformed Glass ”, Brock Craig and Avery Anderson, Total Con-Fusion Studio, Mesa, AZ, April 2002.

“Beginning Kilnformed Glass”, Lani McGregor, Bullseye Connection, Portland, OR, February, 1997.

Education: Non-glass education

Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. Undergraduate degree, Medical School, General Surgical Residency, and Surgical Oncology Fellowship, 1971-1982. Currently a general, thoracic and oncologic surgeon, and senior partner, Evergreen Surgical SC, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dr Immerman also has special interest in treating difficult pilonidal disease, and has a web site devoted to this problem

Facility commissions

Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, Wisconsin: “Axxcept III” Sculpture for neuroscience conference room, 2005.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, Altoona, Wisconsin: Lobby sculpture of oak leaves and acorn, 2004.

Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, WI: Commissioned artist for annual awards, June 2006.

Mayo Clinic Health System – Eau Claire Hospital, Fifth Floor Lobby: “Royale” on permanent display, February 2017.